The Passionless Chef

18 May

Food was always my passion, since the age of 6 I could do nothing but bake, bake, bake.  I went to school to choose a career in law however, my passion for food kept calling me. Well, 40+ yrs. here I am fulfilling my passion for food or am I? I haven’t blog in the last 3yrs my passion seems to be going up and down.

Spending over 19yrs. running a catering business with my mom and moving to NC too chase love and other dreams have me seriously thinking…is the passion still there? Fast forward to now and I sit here trying to restart my culinary career with a new business and a new home back here in Atlanta. Wondering, how do I get my feet back planted on the floor and take off running.  I sit here as I type these words with a busted savings account and praying Lord, this business needs a breakthrough …FAST!!!

Not sure whose going too really read my words but what I do know, the culinary world can be exciting but yet tiresome. It can cause heartache but yet it can cause love-ache. If you do come along with me on this journey hopefully we can discover a love and passion for food together!

I am Chef Tamika and I am a hopeless devoted food lover in this chaotic culinary world.


Grilled Banana Bread Open Face Sandwich

22 May

Not sure about you, but its amazing how kids tend to push you to your greatest potential or just tend to get you just to that little boiling point, where you have know choice but to prove too them who you are, “Mom hear me roar!!!”  My youngest son, Zion, is just that kid.

Both my boys were raised on how too cook and all about food. However, Zion will swear you down very often there is no food to eat in the house. His reasoning, well, he just wants me to take him to a fast food or restaurant too eat. “Not Happening!” This past Sunday, which never fails, after church he begins to persuade his case of no food in the house.  I’m sure you know I did not cave in. Instead I had to prove to the young man there is always something too eat.

This Fresh baked banana bread has become a very big fan in my house. Not to mention, it’s very easy to bake.  However, I wanted to make it just a little special and something very tasteful for Zion to enjoy.  This was our quick brunch on the fly. I must admit that this idea came from a discussion with one of my girlfriends who had this with croissants.   I sliced the bread in 1 1/2′ thick slices spread butter and drizzled balsamic vinegar on each slice.  There is something about balsamic that just make anything taste better.  Well I wanted to do something just a little different other than the bread so I decided…Grill the banana bread (She didn’t have this idea). Placing the Banana Bread butter side down in a hot grilled pan just until the grill marks appear.  Afterwards, topped off with natural Applegate Black Forest Ham, Scramble Eggs, Provolone and Arugula.

Just Like That….Meal past the test and Zion was truly satisfied. There might be hope for me to get my passion back in the kitchen.

Hopeful Passionless Cheftc1